Come explore a moody Halloween house using ink & watercolor

Here’s what we’ll go through together:

Day 1: Supplies & Swatching

We will review suggested supplies and swatch values in preparation of our monochromatic painting

Day 2: Sketch

Sketch the foundation for your ink lines using a pencil. It’s a great way to make decisions on what you’ll be inking and what you won’t be inking.

Day 3: Inking

Ink your lines with a waterproof pen. This is your chance to add details that you wouldn’t otherwise add with paint.

Day 4: Wash With Watercolor

We’ll finish our ink drawings with watercolors. Allowing the paint to compliment our ink lines and have fun letting loose!








Have a Question?

What is the time is the challenge each day?

The challenge will be delivered to your email inbox as a series of daily video lessons.

You do not need to ‘show up’ at a specific time each day. I want you to be able to complete the challenge at your own pace each day.

Outside of the workshop videos, there will be an opportunity to join me “live” as well!
Live call details will be provided to workshop participants via email.

What supplies will I need?

Once you sign up you will receive a full list of supplies as well as the exact supplies you will see me using.

See below for a list of the basic supplies you will need for this workshop:

  • Watercolor sketchbook or paper. (Heavy-weight mixed media paper can work too. I will be using hot press)
  • Waterproof pen or fountain pen. (A commonly used example is Pigma Micron)
  • A pencil and soft eraser (plastic or kneaded is best)
  • Watercolor brush (A round size 6, 8, or 10 recommended, like this)
  • Watercolor paint (at least one color)
  • Water cup, paper towel, & palette or surface for mixing
What is the time commitment for this 4-day workshop?

Each day you will receive an email with instructions and a video that will take about 10-20 minutes to review and complete.

What are the exact dates of the workshop?

The workshop starts on Tuesday, October 4 through Friday, October 7

What if I can't keep up each day? Can I complete the workshop later?

Yes! You’ll be able to access the videos for an additional week after the challenge is over.

I am hard of hearing, will there be subtitles?

Yes! All the challenge videos will be captioned with subtitles.

More questions? Email me hello[at]susanchiang.com

Hi, I’m Susan!

I discovered watercolors during a particularly challenging time in my life. While recovering from a bad flare of my chronic kidney disease, I was looking for something to distract me from stress and anxiety. I stumbled on some old watercolor supplies and quickly realized that it had been over 10 years since I made any kind of art.

And as it turns out, creating again was so healing. When I was painting I forgot all about the other things I was dealing with at the time.

I’m here to help you get inspired, encourage your artistic side.

I love this particular approach to painting with watercolors – it’s such a fun and easy way to create….so come along and let’s paint together!