Exercise 2: Grapes v2

Let’s give the grapes another try keeping in mind some changes we want to make as we do this another time!

I’m switching up the colors and using green for the grapes, so I welcome you to do the same if you’d like!


Daniel Smith
Sap Green
Hansa Yellow Medium
Burnt Sienna + Ultramarine (for stems)


– Susan’s Painting
– Reference Photo

6 thoughts on “Exercise 2: Grapes v2”

  1. Thank you so much for posting and sharing this free class on loose watercolor painting. I love the loose look and find I always tend to get caught up in the details. This was both fun and helpful. Thanks again!

  2. Great tutorial. I have had no formal training just learning on my own. This was very well done and informative. Best of all FREE. Thanks !

  3. Definition and freedom… I tend to go one way or the other. The combination is not my strong suit! Thank you for providing this free lesson/access, giving me opportunity to not so timidly dip my toes into the possibilities!

  4. It’s liberating watercolouring without a pencil sketch first (~_^).

    Loose painting seems to resonate more with me and I love how it’s more free flowing (with focus) allowing me to simply let go and have fun (*^_^*).

    Thank You Susan for this minimal and fuss free class ~ I think you’re one of the BEST watercolour teachers online (^_^).

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