Exercise 1: Grapes v1

Follow along as I paint these grapes loosely (and imperfectly)! I encourage you to let go and give this a try.

Remember it WILL be messy and probably look a bit like a mess as well! It takes time to find the ‘right’ amount of detail to add, so treat this as what it is, a practice exercise!


Daniel Smith
Quinacridone Rose
Burnt Sienna + Ultramarine (for stems)
Sap Green


– Susan’s Painting
– Reference Photo

4 thoughts on “Exercise 1: Grapes v1”

  1. Susan Beaumont

    Hi Susan. Very good subject for your lesson –loved the simplicity of mixing two beautiful hues of purple and your approach to very loosely sketching the outline of the bunch of grapes as a starting point. It might be my old computer but the lesson cut off very quickly just as you starting painting the grapes and jumped to your final painting. My video is only 4:42 minutes but maybe it’s my computer. I can try viewing the lesson on my husband’s new computer:) Thanks, Susan

    1. Hi Susan! Thank you very much for alerting me to this! The video was indeed cut short – I have fixed it now and it should show up correctly for you (it should be about 15 minutes!)

  2. Susan,
    Loving the look of these “delicious” 😉 grapes! YOUR loose sketching technique is utterly unique, displaying both the whimsical AND elegant. Same goes with the feather. I simply adore your translations – taking something with defined, compact boundaries, and give them freedom and flow.
    So inspired!!

    1. You have put such descriptive words towards my loose sketching and they are so kind. Thank you very much and I’m glad that it has inspired you!

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