Member Spotlight

Mary Jean (MJ) T.

I have always found enjoyment in spontaneous drawing and doodling, and occasionally did simple graphics projects. The fine motor skills that I used as a dental hygienist for 36 years morphed over nicely to the details of painting. I began more serious watercolor during Covid, in a Zoom class, and hope to continue enjoying and improving!

What does painting do for you?

Painting gives my quiet time some purpose! I enjoy observing the beauty all around, and am challenged to attempt to recreate it onto paper. Often I ask, “How can sketch/paint that” when I see clouds, animals, flowers, buildings, etc etc etc!
(I often lose track of time when I get involved in painting, which is not always a good thing!)

It is gratifying, and equally humbling, when people seem to admire what I have painted.


“If there is something you want to do,

(or make specific plans. Where oh where did the last 77 years fly??) – MJ

How does community play a role in your creative practice?

As yet, I keep to my own space when I paint, although I think it’s time to get honest individual feedback so that I might improve my skills.
The variety of Susan’s PWM offerings are helpful tools to expand our artistic abilities, which definitely make painting more challenging and rewarding.


Supply Recommendation

  • Arches 10 x 14 paper can be cut into many sizes. (leave a little slice for “try paper” , place beside your painting, to test the paint consistence/intensity etc BEFORE applying it to your painting. I use a rolled hand towel under the top of my work , to give it a slight slant. ..
  • Pointy brushes and micro pens…
  • 10″x 7″ x 3″ First aid kit box is perfect for travel !

Geographic location:

Northern Idaho, near Coeur D Alene.


Other (Creative) Outlets:

5 Grandchildren, golf, tennis, reading (now the “7 Sisters” series), church activities.

Want to start painting?