Member Spotlight

Phyllis Chadwick

I became an art teacher later in life. My true art training was more like an overview of many types of art with no in-depth focus. When I started teaching, I was given all different classes so I also taught many different forms of art. Sometimes I took a class over the summer so I could teach it.

I often felt like I was constantly trying to stay one step ahead of my high school students. This old quote always ran around in my head ” Jack of all trades master of none”. Only to finally discover that it was ok and now so many types of media and techniques find their way into my art. I did love all of it.

When I retired, I began to really paint in watercolors. I signed up to study Botanical Art with a local Artist. I had always painted with acrylic and wanted to move away from it. In the beginning, I was very frustrated as watercolor is a 180-degree difference from using acrylics. That’s when I found Susan and “Paint with Me”. I started with her challenges and soon joined the group. It has helped me make friends with watercolor.

What does painting do for you?

Painting brings me through many emotions. Mostly I just have a need to paint. It allows me to go into my own space (literally and figuratively) and be creative. It can be like meditation for me. There are times when I get frustrated. I’ve learned, at least for me, that the painting process goes through many stages and one of them I call the ugly stage (it’s like a teenager with a mind of its own.)

Most times, that is when I have to just walk away. It seems like watercolor changes and moves as it dries and it’s as if watercolor fairies come and fix things while I sleep, plus I get a new perspective.


“I think it’s terribly dangerous for an artist to fulfill other people’s expectations”

– David Bowie

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use it the more you have.” 

– Maya Angelou

How does community play a role in your creative practice?

The PWM community is awesome! So many wonderful, talented, and kind people. I found a lot of support here and learned so much from everyone. Susan brings so much talent, information, and people with unique skills, challenges, and ideas. I enjoy painting studios where we paint and chat. It’s a great way to get to know everyone.


Supply Recommendation

I am an art junkie or hoarder. I would much rather go to an art store and buy a supply that clothes or food.
I have just found a favorite paintbrush ( I think it was recommended by someone in PWM community). It’s a Silver Black Velvet watercolor brush size 8.
Holds a ton of water and /or pigment.
Something I just ordered and am looking forward to trying out is Brush rinse/cleaner all in one.


Geographic location:

Pawling, NY USA


Other (Creative) Outlets:

I enjoy photography as much as painting. I also spend time sewing, reading, yoga, walking or hiking, bike riding, spending time at beaches or waterfalls. My favorite thing is spending time with family and playing with my grandchildren. 🙂

Everyone is an Artist.