Member Spotlight

Jeanie Hebert-Brown

My mother was an elementary school art teacher before she married. I was always artistic and loved art classes, but my high school discontinued art in in favor of Advanced Placement classes. So when I got to college at George Washington University, I felt too far behind to study art.

Life went on. I got married, divorced, remarried, had a baby, opened a counseling business, took care of my parents, and then Jon’s parents, and got diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

I never stopped practicing psychotherapy and my latest desire is to market myself as a supervisor so I can share what I’ve learned with others.

What does painting do for you?

I feel drawn to paint every day: something is missing if I can’t paint. I think painting allows me to stop being analytical and just have a relationship between myself, color and paper. I am amazed that I love many of my paintings. I’ve been painting storybooks for my grandchildren and I find it so invigorating to have a long project to work on.


All that is required of me is to be with a loving heart.”

This reminds me that I am enough just as I am

How does community play a role in your creative practice?

One day a girlfriend took me to a watercolor painting class in Balboa Park but Covid put a stop to that. Looking on the Internet, I found Susan and quickly realized how special she is. She taught me that everyone is an artist and she gave me the ability to make my art without negative self-judgement, and to display my work without criticism or competition.

And I made a new friend [from inside the Paint With Me community]! I have never actually met her, but we email often and support each other’s projects. She is a gift from the Paint With Me community.


About Supplies...

I don’t really know what I’m doing when I buy things. I haven’t decided whether I like pans of paint or tubes of paint. I keep buying paper, thinking there must be some decent paper that’s cheaper than Arches


Geographic location:

I am in San Diego, California. I moved here from Flint, Michigan in 1977.


Other (Creative) Outlets:

I like baking and cooking in general, creating interesting family history, and writing.

Everyone is an Artist.