Founder Spotlight

Susan Chiang

Hi, I’m Susan and I started Paint With Me in February 2020, hoping to create a space to foster curiosity, learning, and exploration with the watercolor medium. 

At a young age, I discovered a love of making things – from pencil, to paint and even card-making.  Seeking a way to incorporate my creative side when I got to university, I majored in architecture – a nice blend of technical & creative curriculum.  It expanded my way of seeing and experiencing the world in a beautiful and deep way.  After working for 13 years building a career as an architect, health issues prompted me to leave the corporate world.  

Watercoloring supported me during a difficult time, helping to reduce anxious thoughts, heal from stress, and find company in a creative community. A few years later, I started Paint With Me because I truly believe in the benefit of having a creative practice. 

How does painting bring you joy?

When I paint (or draw/sketch/make things) my mind has a chance to escape somewhere peaceful. Focusing on creating something that involves movement of lines, colors, exploring shapes and forms – there is something deeply fulfilling and joyful about that.

A favorite quote:

In order to do something well, we must first be willing to do it badly.”

– Julia Cameron

How does community play a role in your creative practice?

I absolutely love having creative friends. They motivate me, inspire me, and keep me accountable simply just by continuing to create. I always discover new supplies, artists, and ideas to try. I love the silence and calm at my painting desk, creating is a beautiful solo activity. But creating can also be about celebrating and sharing with a community – which makes it even better.


A Supply Recommendation:

For watercoloring wet (with lots of water), paper is super important. Arches Bright White Sheets work great for me. I tear them down to the size I want.


Geographic location:

Southern California


Other (Creative) Outlets:

Organizing, cooking, trying to grow fruits and veggies.

Explore Joy Through Painting