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A Practical Path To Watercolor Painting

Watercolor is a beautiful but elusive medium.

There are many resources available for learning how to watercolor. It’s easy to spend more time consuming information than actually practicing.

While collecting information is great, sometimes it’s hard to know what you need to know right now in order to put it into practice and make progress.

Because you don’t need to know it all. In fact, it’s overwhelming and unnecessary.

It’s so much easier if you only have the information you need at each beginner stage so you can put paint to paper and nurture this new, fulfilling creative hobby.

Introducing Paint With Me

Develop a joyful practice with core techniques, make progress with classes, and stay motivated by a connected community.

Watercolor painting should be full of curiosity, exploration, and fun.

Paint With Me is made to be a place for you to practice with guidance, make mistakes, and have fun while learning watercolors.

I’ll provide the guidance, and you’ll have a place to ask your questions and get help. 

Follow Your Creative Curiosity

The more you paint the more there is to learn about watercolor.
Curiosity about how to paint something can easily turn into confusion and overwhelm.

Inside Paint With Me you can feel free to explore. We’ll adventure and figure it out together.

Foundational lessons build your core skills step-by-step

Painting classes keep you practicing and making progress

Discussion forums for questions and painting feedback

Student galleries for encouragement and inspiration

Hi, I’m Susan!

I discovered watercolors during a particularly challenging time in my life. While recovering from a bad flare of my chronic kidney disease, I was looking for something to distract me from stress and anxiety. I stumbled on some old watercolor supplies and quickly realized that it had been over 10 years since I made any kind of art.

I started with my old supplies and timidly painted something unimpressive. But I was hooked. I became obsessed with figuring out which supplies to buy and how I could improve. When I was painting I forgot all about the other things I was dealing with at the time.

I’ve heard many times from people how much they want to paint, but can’t bring themselves to actually do it. This community exists because I believe in the power of having a creative outlet.

I’m here to help you get inspired, encourage your artistic side, and maintain a consistent creative practice that will bring you more joy and fulfillment. I’m here to guide you, let’s paint!

Nurture Your Creative Side

Foundational Classes

Core classes will take you from brush beginner to prolific painter by gradually building your foundation one step at a time

Ongoing Practice

New monthly classes and an existing library of painting projects will keep you painting at a pace that works for you

Interactive Sessions

Monthly live painting-alongs and Q&A’s provide a time to connect and experience real-time painting (and mistakes!)

Painting Friends

You may not know the joy of having watercolor friends…yet. But you’ll find the best kind of painting friends here!

What Our Members Are Saying…

"I appreciate Susan's style of teaching, her artistry, and her vulnerability. I feel fortunate to have landed in this community to continue to develop my creativity and artistry. I appreciate learning about art supplies as well as other artists who I might want to follow. Susan and our community are generous and generative."

Ellen B.

"Susan is a talented, generous, and warm instructor, and her lessons are clear, well-organized, and easy to follow. I appreciate her encouragement, insights, and gentle guidance very much. It's like having a painting buddy with me."

Diane W.

"After struggling with watercolors in elementary school, I gave up. They were too hard. Now at 84 having grown in either courage or recklessness, I decided to try again. Susan and the group have been wonderfully encouraging and helpful. This time around I am loving Susan and the medium."

Sue C.

"Over the past year my painting has been very sporadic with long gaps in between. It is great knowing the Paint With Me community is there to access when it suits without any pressure or fear of missing out. Susan's style and attitude make it a pleasure to participate, without feeling like you HAVE to, and her regular emails have kept me connected even when not painting."

Louise M.

"Paint with me is a group of people who are kind and supportive And I feel encouraged to paint because of them. Our leader, Susan, is warm and supportive which sets the tone for the group. Being with the group improves my mood And makes me happy besides giving me a chance to express myself as an artist."

Jeanie H.

"The PWM community provides me with the perfect amount of structure I need to improve my watercolor painting. Susan provides monthly challenges, video instruction on a variety of techniques, and a community platform in which to share and inspire one another."

Kathy S.

"I am very grateful for this opportunity to learn new skills in a kind, encouraging community with great teachers and lovely colleagues. I am also grateful for the very gentle but honest and helpful feedback on my work when I have sought that. (No one grows and benefits if the teacher only says, 'Nice work.')"

Margaret C.

"Paint With Me has met my expectations of learning how to paint and what paint brushes and paper to use. It amazes me that I am really painting with watercolors. The practice draws me into a world of beauty."

Mae S.

"If you want a great community, enjoyment, and some great online learning, this is the place for you. Paint With Me has that and a teacher/administrator who is approachable and "there for you". This is a wonderful place to be."

Jenelle C.

Build your foundation.
Make progress.
Keep painting.

There’s so much more than just a bunch of classes inside Paint With Me. You’ll get a path to learning watercolor so you can put paint to paper in a way that actually makes sense, builds confidence, and provides you a joyful creative outlet. Come join us!

Worry-Free 30-Day Refund
Worry-Free 30-Day Refund

Not sure if Paint With Me is right for you?

Paint With Me will not be for everyone, and I’d rather help you figure that out before you join rather than waste your time.  So let’s figure it out…

Paint With Me is for you if:

  • You’re a watercolor beginner. It doesn’t matter if you have no supplies or have tried a few tutorials already
  • You’re aspiring to paint in a “looser” style – I am not a super/hyper realistic painter and don’t teach that way
  • You believe that there is always something to learn and love staying curious
  • You don’t want additional pressure to paint daily, somewhat consistently is good enough
Paint With Me is NOT for you if:

  • You identify as an intermediate or advanced painter
  • You want to learn how to paint in a very realistic, detailed style
  • You learn best through detailed terminology, science, and in-depth theory (while I believe in learning foundations, I believe more in experimenting through practice)
  • You feel uncomfortable learning from someone who may also be learning and exploring alongside you

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am a total beginner with watercolors?

Paint With Me is tailored to beginners – whether you have no supplies or have tried classes and feel confused or discouraged. If you’re a beginner, Paint With Me is a great place to start.

What time are the live calls? What if I can’t make it?

Live calls are hosted on Zoom and vary during the daytime in Pacific Time.

All live calls are recorded and a replay will be made available if you can’t make it.

What is the cancellation policy?

I have a good feeling that you will love Paint With Me, however, if for some reason you are not 100% satisfied in any way, you have 30 days to cancel – no questions asked!

Got more questions? Email support@paintwithmecommunity.com and ask away!

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